It is necessary to use several types of materials properly for sealing work depending on the kind of the joints. However, in Vietnam, silicone is mainly used, and it is not used properly depending on the construction site. We select the right material in the right place in consideration of water resistance


Modified silicone sealant (MS) is mainly used for metal joints. It does not require protection by painting and exhibits stable weather resistance and followability.

Location: Composite Panel, Window, door


Polyurethane sealant (PU) has excellent followability and demonstrates outstanding performance at concrete joints. It can be painted over the sealing and is often used on concrete walls.

Location: Concrete, Mortar


Silicone sealant has excellent weather resistance and water resistance. It is used for roofs with strong sunlight and around water such as toilets and baths.

Location: Metal Roof, Glass, Tile